Caractère was launched by the Miroglio Group in the mid-90s with a collection inspired by women who only wear the clothes they want to wear.

Today, as then, the Caractère woman is timeless, an established and working woman who rewrites the rules of femininity where sensual creativity is reflected in her own image. Lines, fabrics, materials and irreplaceable details give the Caractère woman a timeless beauty.

“Caractère” belonged to the Miroglio group of Alba for about thirty years, and in 2021 it was bought by the Bucalo group.

Carla Bruni was one of the most important figures in the Caractere campaigns.

Let’s find out some background… 

Caractère presents the new collection in a completely Italian context.

 The Lecce’s stone and the colors of Puglia, create an impeccable context to bring out the new garments. 

The cathedral of Lecce and its historic center have been the setting for this fantastic advertising campaign.  Among the shots you can see the Duomo, the bell tower, the main squares…  Location chosen to enhance the Italian preciousness. In the brand’s DNA there is the Made in Italy, and Caractère has decided to communicate it in this way.
Anna Dello Russo, influential international fashion icon, has been chosen as creative director of the campaign. From the choice of models to the choice of locations, Anna Dello Russo has been able to interpret the essence of the brand and the collection. Making it emerge through colorful shots, energetic and of the highest quality.
All this was possible thanks to the chosen team! 5 amazing models, a wonderful communication agency, an experienced photographer and an exceptional stylist and creative director.

Caractère Autumn - Winter

2023 - 2024


Classic elegance meets contemporary style in an iconic capsule from the STILE range. Clothes mixed in ever-new combinations, refined simplicity of dress to dress your femininity with class, in timeless colors and fluid silhouettes resulting from the balance between preserving the past and exploring the new. If fashion passes, STYLE is made to stay.

S for


Personal, sophisticated, unique. Inspired by #womendicaractēre: modern, quirky, feminine and sophisticated. Suitable for everyday tasks, from meetings at the office to aperitifs with friends.

T for


Clothes made for the modern woman, with strict attention to detail. From the choice of fabrics to the design of the shapes, every choice is aimed at the perfect fit.

I for


The value of a high quality tradition, recognized and admired around the world. The taste and refinement of a fashion that comes from an innate sense of beauty. STILE is pure Italian excellence.

L for


Clothes made for the modern woman, with strict attention to detail. From the choice of fabrics to the design of the shapes, every choice is aimed at the perfect fit.

E for


A combination of options and values ​​in perfect balance. The elegance of STILE is expressed in fluid cuts and soft colors. In the recovery of tradition, reinterpreted through the lens of the contemporary.



Caractēre presents itself with a new identity. Through new openings and the restyling of its old stores, it presents its new store concept.

The store has a totally different layout: it is minimal, bright, with impactful architectural elements and super functional wooden structures. The materials used mix very cold colors of stone with the warmer shades of wood. The boutique has a clear and recognizable identity.

Lookbook Caractère Autumn - winter

2022 - 2023

Caractère Autumn - winter

2022 - 2023


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