The secret of her clothes starts with very innovative, environmentally friendly stretch fabrics developed by Chiara. The collection consists of dresses, pants, skirts and jackets, all easily groomed, cut perfectly in an organza case. The ideal wardrobe for travel.

Chiara Boni, a true pioneer, developed this concept in the early 1980s. She has created a generation of women who follow her, from celebrities on TV shows, to the top professional and the woman of entertainment. La Petite Robe was born in 2007 and since then this collection has been a style choice at very competitive prices.

In 2009, thanks to a partnership with a new partner, Chiara Boni began its expansion through international markets. Sold throughout Europe, United Arab Emirates. In 2010 the Collection was introduced and was very well received in the USA and Canada.

Today it has a presence in the best high quality department stores and in the best specialist boutiques around the world.



The unexpected combination between the stylist planning of Chiara Boni and its iconographic reading by Giovanni Gastel have succeeded in fully achieving just such a result. The fragmentation of the photographic image is in this case directly related to the geometric decomposition of stylist design, actually accenluating it. So the game of planes shapes and colours that are Chiara Boni’s signatre is dressing her models is repeated endlessly,as though we were before some magical mirror, throuh the ability of the other visual game, that og Gastel’s optic photography.


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