Elena Mirò is a historical name of the Miroglio Group founded in 1985 to offer a positive proposition in terms of style and taste in Mediterranean and fuller women. Over time she delved into her subject, achieving mastery of the necessary skills required to follow fashion, style and trends and adapt them to plus sizes and beyond.

The house focused on these women developing a communication philosophy based on a positive approach to the subject but also with a slightly ironic and effective tone at the same time. Since 2005, Elena Mirò has been the only name creating plus sizes and showing clothes at Milano Moda Donna fashion week.

Now all Elena Mirò collections are not only for Mediterranean women since they start from 42 size Italian.




2023 - 2024

Absolute trend of the season in the most intense shades ever!

These appearances will make you feel like a true cinema diva, starring a movie with vibrant colors that delivers a lot of joy. Whether it’s a dress, a double jacket or a suit, the important thing is that it is monochrome!

Dynamic, pop, exciting.

New monochrome appearances renew Power Dressing.

Be kind

Being polite is in our nature

We are cultivating our future

The fibers of our fabrics are manufactured exclusively with renewable wood wood where the trees are cultivated in a controlled, sustainable and responsible manner.

Up to 50% less water consumption.

Up to 50% less CO2 emissions.

100% biodegradable, fibers coming from nature return to nature

A circular vision

To reduce the volume of waste, we have chosen to use recycled nylon from residual fibers or rotating residues to ensure that the raw material will be reused immediately.

Recycling of non -renewable raw materials.

Reduce volume of waste.

For several years we have been wondering how to reduce our environmental impacts to make Elena Mirò more and more viable. Our answer came from a simple sense: courtesy. A word full of meanings that only represents the beginning of our journey to more demanding goals.

Elena Mirò FALL - WINTER

2022 - 2023

Elena Mirò Fall - winter
pre collection

2022 - 2023


2022 - 2023


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