The company founded in 1990, reflects the soul, the business acumen, the continuous hard effort and high aesthetics of its owner, Sevasti Mambretti, The need for development always intrigues Sevasti Mambretti, who is never satisfied and tries to expand company’s activities worldwide. A comfortable two floors space in the center of Athens, houses the collections and welcomes people interested in fashion business during sampling, though its doors are always open for any client in need of consulting or advice concerning their business plans. “My principle is to create honest and close relationships with my customers. When you invest your whole life in a goal, when you dedicate your energy and time on a dream –rather than a job- and you finally you feel reciprocated, the satisfaction is profound – I can’t even describe it in words. It is then that you feel ever stronger to take wider steps and risk more”.
She is the representative of the Italian colossal fashion group, Gruppo Miroglio, a group with huge experience in clothing and fashion. The Gruppo Miroglio, an Italian industrial icon and market leader, is present around the globe in 34 countries with 49 business operations, 6 production sites and over 2,000 single-branded stores. Miroglio Group stands at the forefront of the international plateau in the Textile and Fashion sector. Mambretti Fashion team represents famous names of the group such as Caractere, Caractere Accessories, Diana Gallesi, Le Maglie di Diana G. and all series of the brand that adores and respects curvy women, Elena Miro. Sevasti Mambretti used to live and work in Italy, from where she was exporting fabrics and knitwear to Greece. She decided to return to Greece – a very difficult step at the time- and dared to represent the Gruppo Miroglio in the greek market. Her decision proved to be wise: she sensed in time the falling of the small artisanship industries and realized that market needed the boosting of respectable and established ready-to-wear fashion. The town Alba of Piemonte, the base of the Italian core, was well known for its wines but it soon became the attraction pole of fashion oriented businessmen since Gruppo Miroglio grew more and more and earned a high position in the world of fashion. Each fashion house of the Gruppo Miroglio corresponds to its own clientele, with a huge variety of suggestions for all different tastes in fashion. The bottom line of all collections is high quality as well as impeccable elegance, classic modernity and respect towards all women, especially curvy or elder women usually excluded from high fashion. The Gruppo Miroglio participates in art exhibitions, cooperates with some of the most famous photographers of the world, produces spectacular fashion shows, invites actors, celebrities and A-class models for its campaigns and opens stores all around the world that combine neoclassical architecture with contemporary elements and techniques.
In the summer of 2013 we started a great collaboration with Valery S.p.A. and its collections of Raffaela D’Angelo Cruise, Raffaela D’Angelo Summer, Valery Prestige, Valery Summer and Rosapois for Beachwear and Valery Lingerie in lingerie, high quality and top quality and awarded as Best Companies and Collectibles throughout Europe.
At the beginning of 2015 a new collaboration with Chiara Boni S.r.l. starts with a huge success. Elegant, timeless, seasonless and great fit are key words in describing Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Collection. Chiara Boni, being a dynamic and well traveled woman, created a collection to meet the needs of today’s women.
At the same period we began also the collaboration with Gaillardo S.r.l. (Emma & Gaia). Gaillardo S.r.l. was established in 1979 and is a very strong company in women’s clothing with great success in the Italian market and abroad.
We started in February 2021 a collaboration with Chiara Boni Bags as well as with De Siena.
From July 2021 with the eclectic clothing collection of Alberto Audenino. The collection is the testimony of a Made in Italy that aims to combine the concept of craftsmanship with a wise choice of fabrics and the best materials. The silhouette glorifies the feminine curves, skillfully combining glamor, design and innovation. From the unique laser cut uniform to the little black dress with sequins, elegant fake fur with the hood decorated with pearls, Audenino managed to create a seductive look for a party. The uniqueness and talent of the young designer has recognized both celebrities in the world and in Italy. Maia Mitchell, Nadine Abdelaziz – Fashion Influencer from Beirut, Giulia Valentina, Paola Turani, Chiara Nasti, Rossella Brescia.

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