The company Valery was founded in 1978. The dreams, inspiration and skills of the Demichelis family, in just 20 years, have brought the company to such a high level in the world of fashion and in the field in which it specializes, that it is able to distribute the own creations in 40 countries. The official recognition did not take long, as in 1995 it received from the European Union the certification that it belongs to the 500 most innovative companies in Europe, and it is also the first Italian company to receive such recognition.

The lingerie and loungewear series

Valery is the dominant name in lingerie and loungewear: attractive, nostalgic, irresistible, created from Chantilly lace and other precious fabrics for an extremely demanding audience. Valery Prestige is characterized by architectural and strictly structured lines, with a retro mood, special sensuality and a natural aura of luxury.

Swimwear and beachwear lines

The Valery Prestige Beachwear collection has been created for a specific audience, for women who support the famous cruise holidays and cherish exotic places during the winter.

The collections are created entirely in Italy and distributed in domestic and international boutiques. In 2009 in Paris, the company Valery wins the prize “creator of the year 2009” in the category of underwear creation.